Why Us

“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

– Jane Goodall

Give Back

When You Travel With Us, You Make a Difference

Traveling with Purpose has its perks.  When you travel with us, you support our conservation partners who work to preserve and protect Africa’s wildlife.  Each trip generates a donation to protect and preserve wildlife, communities and natural habitats for future generations.  

Our experts guide you through the journey to seamless, worry-free travel.  For us, love is in the details.  Our strength is not only based on our knowledge but also our expertise managing even the smallest moments of your safari journey.  This is part of our “African Magic.” 

We’re driven by purpose and aim to create journeys that change lives and inspire positive action.

Africa360Travel Cathryn and Rob

Conservation In Action + Bucket List Moments

  • Collar an elephant (or carnivore) with conservationists
  • Dehorn/Trim a rhino’s horn to protect it from poaching
  • Visit a children’s bush camp where they learn about wildlife and the importance of saving it
  • Work with lion conservationists to help reduce human-wildlife conflict
  • Track endangered black and white rhino on foot
  • Walk with cheetah in the wild
  • Discover pangolin in the wild
  • Walk and interact with a herd of wild elephants
  • Trek to see mountain and eastern lowland gorillas and learn about life-saving veterinary medicine that is saving these critically endangered animals
  • Sleep in a star bed above a family of elephants
  • Visit a rhino orphanage
  • Hot air balloon over scenic vistas
  • Dine with giraffe
  • Stargaze the spectacular southern sky
  • Help a community develop sustainable water

Our Mission in Action

We are African wildlife enthusiasts whose mission is to raise awareness of successful conservation projects and support the preservation of Africa’s wildlife.  As a not-for-profit safari travel company, we proudly donate 100% of profits to African wildlife conservation + community projects.

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